What probably nobody will tell you about breast reconstruction.

Dear comrade, if one day you find yourself in the situation of needing a mastectomy, please, ask for the most detailed information possible about all breast reconstruction options, processes, risks and repercussions. Idoia (in the middle) warns us that during medical appointments « mastectomy and surgery are a package deal ». If you are having doubts, try to talk to women who have already taken that path and to women who decided not to take it. They know what doctors might ignore. They have lived it. Each one of them will have their own version, but for sure they will all help you choose.

There are women who are so satisfied by their breast reconstruction that they would have it again, while others will regret it all their lives. There are women who can stand well a normally painful process and others who struggle. There are women who have had only one surgery and others who have been through seven. There are women who refuse the prosthesis. There are women who develop a disease related to it. There are women who lose all sensibility forever in the area. There are women who have their nipples tattooed and others who don’t. As in everything, there are women of all kinds. And then there are, less hidden by the minute, the single-tit women. Please, take all of this into account.