Out of the 16 000 mastectomies performed each year in Spain, only 4 800 women decide to have a breast reconstruction afterwards; and of those, only 1 920 are decided immediately* after the surgery. Meaning that every year 14 080 women start a new life with a single boob.

Data from the Spanish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (SECPRE)
The single-cup bra for single-tit women.
For women who don’t want to wear a prosthesis inside or outside of their bodies.
For women who are in the breast reconstruction process
For women who decide to scar and to start a new path.
Lola has arrived to normalise the body of the single-tit woman.
To expose the medical and social pressure to have the reconstructive breast surgery after a mastectomy.
And it is here to stay.

Lola bra is already here and it is perfect.
It is full of flaws.

Only in two models.
It doesn’t support well a heavy boob.
It is not for all budgets.
With nipple seam.

We need big brands doing their own version. They have the power to make it perfect and big. Help us make them engage. Share this video.

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